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Research Participation Opportunities

Research Participation Opportunities

Several research teams from across the country will be on-hand at the convention to further their research.  If you would like to have your child participate and are interested in learning about the studies being conducted, please check the appropriate box on your registration form.

We will then send you information about each study that will be conducted and a representative from the research teams who are conducting studies with children the age of your child will contact you directly.  If you are interested in participating you will be able to set up a research time during that call.

There will also be opportunities to ask questions of the various research teams and sign up on site during the Opening Night Reception on July 3rd.

Research teams conducting research at the convention include:

  • Dr. Barbara Pober, Massachusetts General Hospital          Fears & Worries in WS
  • Dr. Karen Levine, Helping Children With Challenges, Inc.  Treating fears and phobias in children with Williams Syndrome
  • Dr. Carolyn Mervis, University of Louisville.        Longitudinal Study of Language and Cognitive Abilities
  • Miriam Lense, Vanderbilt Kennedy Center, Vanderbilt University    Musical Interests & Abilities in Williams Syndrome
  • Beth Kozel, Washington University, St. Louis    WS-SAVE--Williams Syndrome Skin and Vascular Elasticity Study
  • Dr. Marilee Martens, Ohio State University          The effect of music and musical experience on verbal memory in Williams syndrome

This list may expand as the convention date gets closer