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Age Appropriate - Preschool Age

The following section contains introductory information for parents of preschool children with Williams syndrome.

This information is provided from the Fulfilling Dreams book.

Preschool age

The average toddler with WS is lively, playful, affectionate and full of smiles and "Hi's" for everyone. Trips to the doctor and medical concerns won�t keep them from being delightful little people, curious about their world and adding warmth to your family.

Now is the time to get started with an "early intervention" program to help address developmental delays. Early Intervention programs are guaranteed in every state. In many states, formal intervention programs won�t begin until age 3, while in others they are available to your child as soon as a diagnosis is made. The idea of teaching by playing, is at the heart of early intervention. Formal programs will assist you in ways to foster your child�s development while you are having fun together. Whatever "delay" in development might be present can be helped by doing things that are pleasurable.

Formal early intervention programs begin with developmental evaluations that may lead to the onset of therapeutic intervention programs in physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and sometimes music therapy. Many children with WS receive all 3 basic therapies at various times during their early childhood - often receiving all 3 at the same time. Music therapy is lesser known in many areas of the country and not always available. However, if available, a music therapy assessment is advisable for your child. Music therapy can often help children with WS overcome developmental obstacles.

There are many resources that can help you learn more about developmental therapies.

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