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We're Here to Help: Virtual Learning Resources

We understand that school closures and social distancing can be hard for kids to understand, and difficult for caregivers who are suddenly in the role of “teacher.”  
To support you and the children you care for, the WSA has created a website with educational resources and curriculum ideas for Pre-K through grade 12. All of the suggested sites have been curated by our education consultant for quality and ease of use. Resources are separated by topic.
The “parents only” section includes resources explaining mandated service provisions for special times like this, as well as social stories to use and customize to explain to your children what's going on.  
The “educators only” section includes the learning profile for students with WS and additional special resources.
Please note that your children with WS may still need accommodations such as word prediction, speech to text, and screen readers to complete some tasks – don’t hesitate to ask a question if you need help with accommodations. 
We hope you find these resources helpful.  Please feel free to contact us for additional support if needed.