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Replays addresses the challenging behaviors seen in children with autism spectrum disorders and WS through a technique that involves interactive symbolic play. The book is written by Dr. Karen Levine, a member of the WSA Professional Advisory Board. Dr. Levine discussed Replays and its success with children with Williams syndrome at the 2008 WSA National Convention.
Price: $20.00
Ben's Big Decision
Ben's Big Decision describes many of the features and characteristics of a child with WS through the story of a young boy who is trying to decide what he wants to be when he grows up. An excellent book for inclusive kg thru 3 rd grade classrooms that have a student with WS
Price: $10.00
Fulfilling Dreams is a handbook for parents of children with Williams syndrome written by WSA member, Barbara Scheiber. The handbook contains 330 pages of down-to-earth advice and information - from those first worrisome days of infancy through the hopes and challenges of teen and adult years.
Price: $25.00