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Funding Opportunities

Application Procedure
Researchers are required to submit a written proposal to the WSA National Office at least sixty days prior to the date of intended data collection initiation.
Researchers should provide a 1 page abstract of the study; a summary of how testing will be undertaken and an explanation of how success will be measured. Proof that the researcher’s Biomedical Institutional Review Board (IRB) has approved the protocol must also be provided. Proposals that do not include all documents will not be considered for funding.

Current Studies

Williams syndrome is gaining wider popularity in the research field due to its unique characteristics and to the wealth of information it is providing to the Human Genome project.

It is impossible to provide a comprehensive list of active research projects.  However, a list of many studies is available through the WS Registry.  There are also several research centers around the United States specializing in characteristics of Williams syndrome.

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