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Educational Support Program

One of the best things you can do for your child with Williams syndrome is learn all you can about the IEP process and how to secure the best options available to your child at every age and stage of their education. The educational support program is designed to help with the process.


Music and Williams Syndrome

Most individuals with Williams syndrome have an affinity to music.  They are touched by music in ways not usually seen in the general population.  It is quite common for those with Williams syndrome to be reduced to tears by classical music, disturbed by music played in minor chords or moved to dance and laugh by playful and "happy" music. 

Testing & Evaluation Strategies

Psychological testing is usually conducted every 3 years by school systems. Parents have the right to request that the testing be performed by a designated testing specialist (outside of the school system).  It is important for parents to ask what test batteries the school specialist intends to use, as not every test is appropriate for students with Williams syndrome. 


Educational Strategies

Educators face unique challenges teaching children with Williams syndrome, but with knowledge of the learning styles of students with WS, your students can experience success in the classroom.  For a one page fact sheet on the educational profile for sudents with Williams syndrome, click here.

Connecting the ws cognitive profile to educational strategies

With school age children we see:

Information For Teachers

Educators face unique challenges teaching children with Williams syndrome. The information presented here is a good starting point for understanding how to address these unique issues

Williams Syndrome Information for Teachers

by: Karen Levine, Ph.D. 
Psychologist, Co-Director Williams Syndrome Program 
The Children's Hospital, Boston, MA

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