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Member Benefits

Membership in the WSA provides many benefits to individuals with Williams syndrome, their parents, and medical and educational professionals.

Expanding our Support...
The WSA would like to expand its support beyond the immediate family of an individual with WS. We'd like to provide information to grandparents, and aunts and uncles, or special friends as well.

If you would like additional members of your extended family to learn more about the WSA, please call us at 1-800-806-1871 or send us an email at

Membership benefits include:


Heart To Heart is the national newsletter of the Williams Syndrome Association. The publication is distributed to all WS families as well as professional, national and international members of the WSA.

Heart To Heart: Widely acclaimed among disabilities associations, and the professionals working with WS, as one of the most informative and worthwhile support publications available.

Bi-monthly eNewsletter: Each issue contains the latest information regarding medical and educational interventions for WS, as well as profiles of WS individuals, association news, parent networking, strategies for adults and with WS and their parents and regional updates.

Bi-annual national convention

The WSA sponsors a national convention every two years. The 4-5 day convention is held at varying locations around the country, and includes an exhibit fair, general sessions, daily workshops, child care and excursions for children, opportunities to participate in ongoing research and evening programs. The convention gathers experts from around the world on Williams syndrome who can help you learn new ways to help your child reach his or her full potential. WSA members enjoy discounted convention fees.

Local resource information

Local resource information is provided by state and regional representatives. Representatives can provide information on local resources regarding medical evaluations, educational program availability, camps, recreation programs and other enrichment opportunities etc.

Referral services

Regional directors, state representatives and the national office work to find experienced professionals in your area who know about a variety of aspects of Williams syndrome and can help you.

Enrichment programs

Music camps, adult workshops, teen and adult social groups, etc. for your children with Williams syndrome.

Periodic local social events

Picnics and parties are held throughout the country each year to provide families with the opportunity to meet and talk in a relaxed and informal atmosphere, and children with WS to meet and play together for a few hours. Parents and children alike often form lasting friendships through these events, which are often held at local parks and community centers or at a members home.

Williams syndrome listserve

E-mail list for families with computer email capabilities. Families and professionals from around the world post questions and comments to each other and receive immediate feedback from others who have "been there," and can provide helpful suggestions, resources, and emotional support.

For more information see the WS listserve page.

Resource library

Access to the latest articles, pamphlets, audio and video tapes on Williams syndrome.

Comprehensive database

The largest database of articles and information on Williams syndrome and related resources, including:

  • Up-to-date information for your child�s doctors, teachers and therapists regarding the syndrome and strategies for treatment of its characteristics.
  • Physical examination protocol for your child�s physician.
  • Growth, weight and head circumference charts specific to Williams syndrome.
  • Compiled information from surveys on medical characteristics, successful educational programs, independent living options and typical employment settings.
  • Educational pamphlets containing classroom strategies, testing and evaluation techniques, and the typical cognitive profile.


The WSA provides funding to promote and support clinical research on Williams syndrome. It also provides opportunities for families to participate in these important research studies at the national convention and regional conferences.