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Leave A Legacy

The Williams Syndrome Association is a non-profit organization often supported by several generations within a family. Not only do the parents of individuals born with Williams syndrome support the WSA financially, but grandparents, aunts and uncles often choose to do the same in celebration of the difference the WSA has made in the life of their loved one. As your family becomes even more connected with us, you create an important tradition of philanthropy, and help the WSA to grow as an orgranization.

We hope you will not only give today, but also give in the future. And we hope you will tell those around you what it means to you to support our association.  There are many options to consider when you choose to "leave a legacy".  Following are some key questions and answers to consider.

I would like to leave a legacy to the WSA.  How should I proceed?
A planned, or deferred gift is a charitable gift that is set up with the assistance of a financial advisor and development officer.
A planned gift can be funded with cash or other assets. Either way, the benefits of a planned gift can be very attractive.
When you create a planned gift, you will potentially increase your current income, reduce taxes, avoid capital gains tax, pass assets to family at a reduced tax cost, and (down the road) make a significant donation to the Williams Syndrome Association Endowment.

There are many benefits to planned gifts:

  • Maximizing your charitable contribution
  • Allowing advantageous tax deductions under both state and federal law
  • Turning appreciated assets into an income for yourself and/or others

Planned giving is a tool that helps you achieve your goals for the WSA as it enhances your own personal financial
plans and security.

There are many different types of planned gifts you can make to the Williams Syndrome Association:

  • Bequests
  • Charitable Gift Annuity
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts
  • Life Insurance
  • Mutual Funds
  • Retirement Assets
  • Securities

The WSA's director of development will be happy to work with your financial advisor to help design the best plan for you.  Contact Allison Lyon at Terry Monkaba at or (248) 244-2229.

Is it important to direct your planned gift to a specific program?

Although many donors direct that the proceeds from their legacies be used for a specific purpose such as research or scholarship, others make no restriction at all on the use of their contributions or planned gifts.

Do I need to be wealthy to make a difference for the WSA?
You do not have to be wealthy to create a legacy for the Williams Syndrome Association. A gift of any size can make a difference for the WSA. It will then be combined with gifts from others and permanently invested to generate income for endowment programs including scholarships, research, and independent living options for adults with Williams syndrome.

Many individuals are fortunate enough in life to reach a point where they can make a profound difference by funding a specific project or initiative of a non-profit organization. If you or a loved one are nearing this crossroad, we would love to discuss our current funding priorities and your philanthropic interests. This is a way to leave your mark on the WSA community for years to come. Examples of a significant gift include an endowed scholarship, the naming of a WSA program or sponsorship of an annual initiative. Many of these gifts will connect your family name to the WSA in perpetuity. For more information, please contact Terry Monkaba at or (248) 244-2229.

Whatever you decide, we appreciate your support today and in the future.  Our contributors help to ensure the longevity of the Williams Syndrome Association and a bright future for individuals with Williams syndrome.