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Options for Giving

The WSA relies on a diverse collection of fundraising vehicles throughout the year. On this list are the WSA Annual Fund and Valentine Fund Campaigns as well fundraising events, sales drives, volunteer-driven campaigns and many additional opportunities for individuals and corporations to support our association.

General Gifts to the WSA Annual Fund
All donations made to the WSA Annual Fund are unrestricted and therefore make the biggest difference by enabling the WSA Board and Staff to spend the money where they see the greatest need. To make a donation, please click here.

Tribute or Memorial Gifts
The WSA often receives gifts from friends and families of an individual in honor of a special event in their lives. These gifts honor individuals and are often used to reflect the interests of the individual. The Association also receives gifts in memory of deceased friends and loved ones of the individual with Williams syndrome. To make a tribute or memorial gift, please click here. To find out more about tribute or memorial gifts, please contact Terry Monkaba at or (248) 244-2229.

Restricted Gifts
Beyond the WSA Annual Fund, the association also solicits donations for the Valentine Fund which supports Williams syndrome research. A gift can be made to that fund year-round. To do so, please click here.

Additionally, a gift of a certain size may be restricted based on the donor's interests. The WSA encourages donors to make their donation to the WSA Annual Fund in order to have the greatest and most immediate impact. However, if you wish to speak to someone about making a restricted gift, please contact Terry Monkaba at or (248) 244-2229.

Matching Gifts
Gifts made to the WSA may be eligible for matching by your employer. Corporations with matching gift programs can effectively double or even triple your gift to the Williams Syndrome Association. Please check with your employer before making an individual contribution to see if matching is available.
Corporate Giving
The WSA is generously supported by various corporations throughout the year, both as sponsors for individual events or as corporate partners of the association. This is a strategic partnership that enables the WSA to fulfill its mission and gives the corporation tax benefits, publicity and the opportunity to make a difference.

United Way and Combined Federal Campaign designations
You can designate your United Way or CFC campaign gifts to the WSA. The United Way designation for the WSA is "non-conforming agency #5560." The WSA is agency #10014 for CFC campaign designations.

Non-Cash Contributions
In addition to cash contributions, individuals and businesses may choose to support the WSA in a variety of other ways, including:
Bequest of cash, securities, Life Insurance or Property    
Publicly traded stock that has appreciated in value since you bought it will be gratefully accepted by the Association. You may also name the WSA as the primary beneficiary of a life insurance policy or property that can be sold upon receipt. Please call the WSA office at 800-806-1871 for more information.
Gifts in kind
The WSA can often use donations of personal property. Please contact the WSA national office regarding gifts being considered for donation.
eScrip and purchase contributions
By registering your credit and shopper cards with eScrip, a portion of every purchase you make on these credit cards, at participating retailers, will go to the Williams Syndrome Association. Your purchases can be online, or in person at the stores.

To sign up for eScrip, go to and then follow the directions to sign-up (at the top of the eScrip page). Our group ID is 34074.

To join iGive, go to and at the top right of the page, enter your email address and select “join now.” When asked to find a cause to support, enter “ Williams” in the search field and then select the Williams Syndrome Association.

Signature Events & Sales Drives
WSA Fundraisers
While the event list changes from year to year, the WSA supports galas, marathon fundraising, Awareness Week, Walk-for-Williams, cocktail parties and many other events designed to raise money for the Williams Syndrome Association. For a complete list of upcoming events, click here.

Although the WSA supports several fundraisers across the country, many individuals still choose to host an event on their own and send the proceeds in the form of a donation. No matter how you choose to get involved in special event fundraising for the WSA, your help is greatly appreciated.

Other Ideas?
When you learn about other fundraising opportunities, please don't hesitate to share your ideas with us! We would love to add them to the list.
For more information about fundraising events and how you can get involved, please contact Jennifer O'Byrne at or (248) 244-2229.

On behalf of the WSA Board of Trustees, Staff and over 3400 members, thank you for your commitment to the Williams Syndrome Association. We couldn't do it without you!