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Connect with the WS Community

When your child is diagnosed with Williams syndrome, you immediately become a member of a community of 20,000+ families in the United States, and countless others world wide.  Closer to home, the community of families impacted by Williams syndrome who are members of the WSA is between 3,000 and 4,000, but in your immediate community you may be the only family with a child with Williams syndrome, or one of just a few.

The WSA works hard to bring families together locally at a variety of events held throughout the year, and online through an active listserve, and social networks on facebook and twitter. 

The WSA has divided the United States in 18 regions.  Each region has 150 - 300 family members and is centered around the largest population centers of our members.  Each region is supported by local volunteers who work hard to facilitate annual gatherings such as picnics, conferences and fundraising events.

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