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Funding Opportunities

Application Procedure
Researchers are required to submit a written proposal to the WSA National Office at least sixty days prior to the date of intended data collection initiation.
Researchers should provide a one-page abstract of the study; a summary of how testing will be undertaken and an explanation of how success will be measured. Proof that the researcher’s Biomedical Institutional Review Board (IRB) has approved the protocol must also be provided. Proposals that do not include all documents will not be considered for funding.

Research proposals will be reviewed by the WSA Research Committee and Advisory Boards as indicated. A response will be given within thirty (30) days of receipt. Please sent your materials to The Williams Syndrome Association. 570 Kirts Blvd. Suite 223. Troy, MI 48084-4153 via mail or email:

Grant Term:

Unless otherwise noted, all Williams Syndrome Association Grant awards are made for a term of one year. If, at the end of one year, the researcher has not concluded the study as stipulated in research proposals, extension request may be filed.

Financial Considerations:
Grant awards will be payable in one or more payments on or before the date stipulated on the grant proposal as the beginning date of the study. Unused funds may be carried over to a 2nd year upon proper notice to, and agreement by the WSA.

The Williams Syndrome Association will not be responsible for any indirect costs to the researcher’s sponsoring institution.

Researchers must provide the WSA National Office with a written progress report six (6) months after the start date of the project and a final written report within twelve (12) months. Researchers must also provide a written summary to individuals who participate in the investigation within twelve (12) months of the conclusion of the study.

Longitudinal studies taking longer than twelve (12) months to complete may be granted an extension to this requirement if requested by the investigators and approved by the WSA. Failure on the part of the researchers to comply with this requirement will result in denial of future proposals.

Conducting Research at WSA Events:
Professionals who wish to conduct research at an event sponsored by the Williams Syndrome Association, or desiring the organization’s assistance in conducting research, should contact the WSA National office upon receiving notice of an upcoming event to request written application forms.

Applications will be reviewed by the WSA’s scientific advisory committee and those receiving approval will be notified in a timely fashion. There will be a fee to the researcher for on-site testing. Fees may vary by event. The WSA reserves the right to impose fees on certain types of research.

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