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Sleepy Hollow Half Marathon

Your support of the Williams Syndrome Association helps change lives!

Brothers Joel and Josh join Joe (WS) in a toast. CHEERS!
Brothers Joel and Josh join Joe (WS) in a toast. CHEERS!

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Hello friends and family,

I will once again be running to raise money for Williams syndrome. Please support me as I take on the Sleepy Hollow Half Marathon for the fourth time on March 21st. My brother Joe makes me proud every day, and it is in his honor that I ask you to make a donation to the Williams Syndrome Association.  Together we have already raised more than $4,000.  My goal is to raise an additional $2,000 this year.   

The Williams Syndrome Association (WSA) is a volunteer driven organization. We are parents, grandparents, relatives, friends and legal guardians of people with Williams syndrome. We know first-hand the challenges of raising and caring for an individual with special needs.

Since its inception, the WSA has helped nearly 5,000 families of individuals with Williams syndrome. But there are thousands more who need our support, and there’s much more to be done. By supporting the WSA, you will help create opportunities for people with Williams syndrome and help accelerate research that could have far broader implications.

Thank You! 

Josh Northridge