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Anne Tipton

Office Manager

Anne and her husband are parents to Melissa, an adult with Williams syndrome. Anne met Terry Monkaba in a Williams syndrome mom’s group before the days of Facebook connections. When Terry came on board as staff, she convinced Anne to leave her bank job to help grow WSA, and it has—from 800 families in the early days, to more than 6,000 now. Anne’s daughter Melissa wasn’t diagnosed until she was seven, and the way it happened was a relief to her, as she was hearing conflicting information from school staff and doctors about Melissa’s development. When Melissa changed schools, a staff member made a comment that “we have another child with Williams syndrome” which Anne had never heard of. The boy with Williams at the school had a doctor as a father, with whom Anne connected, and she and her husband finally got some answers and knew they weren’t alone. Anne, who is self-described as “quiet and shy,” credits WSA for life-long connections and friendships, and found her calling in comforting and helping other families—she is proud to be part of the growing awareness, as it wasn’t there for her. She loves college football, with Notre Dame being number one and Michigan State as a close second. Though Anne describes daughter Melissa as the light of her life, her real “baby” these days is her spoiled lap dog Zoe.