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Jessica Cummins

Program Admin./Bookkeeper

Jessica became acquainted with the WSA by knowing someone who knew someone – Ben Monkaba was a drummer in a band that played at her church. At that time, her maternity leave was ending and she realized she needed a job change, and she joined the William Syndrome Association in January 2010. She knew right away that this was the fit for her due to people and friends she has connected with. That realization was cemented when she attended her first conference in 2012 in Boston: “Just seeing all the families and individuals in their comfort environment was breath taking!” Jessica has a dual bachelor’s degree in business management and marketing. In addition to her administrative responsibilities at the WSA, Jessica also coordinates design projects such as flyers, t-shirts and brochures, which fulfills her true passion for creative design. When not at work, Jessica spends time with her family, husband Nick, daughter Zoey (who has grown up around the WSA office), Dexter the Pitbull and her three cats. They love to travel “up north” in Michigan and experience the changing seasons. Her hobbies include crafting and sewing her latest project, gardening and rearranging every room in the house.