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Laura Chesser

Regional Coordinator Liaison

Laura is mom to daughters Katelyn (teen who has Williams syndrome) and Karalyne (preteen), both of whom she describes as “hilarious, witty, sweet, bright and determined.”  Katelyn was diagnosed at 13 months by her cardiologist after her second specialist visit when he identified her SVAS by echo.  Laura was grateful for the diagnosis, which led her in a direction to find support, services and answers, including getting immediate advice from WSA about the Birth to Three program.  Laura lives near Lake Michigan, where she loves to walk on the beach and collect beach glass and have camp fires. She also enjoys musicals with her daughters, reading, and baking. She is committed to the WSA because “all of this work--through research, education, gathering, awareness, volunteerism, partnerships---is pushing toward making positive change for those we dearly love. The WSA gives us solid direction, which can lead us to the needed individualized answers.”