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WSA Blog: Relevancy Matters

Relevancy Matters

What does it mean to be relevant? Does everyone have an equal opportunity to BE relevant? They say that what you don’t know won’t hurt you. But I’m not so sure they are right. For individuals with Williams syndrome and other learning differences, what they don’t know has a huge impact on their ability to understand the world around them, and, consequently, their ability to engage in relevant social conversations and experiences with their peers.

Striving for Autonomy

Children with Williams syndrome have many similarities, but they are not all alike. If we lump them all together, or make assumptions about an individual with WS who we just met, based on an individual or 2 we may have met in the past, we will probably be doing our new friend an injustice. However, when it comes to education, a teacher’s knowledge of their similarities - especially in learning styles, will be extremely helpful.

New Beginnings

As I read posts on the WS Support page, the listserve, throughout Facebook, and think back on my son’s school years it is clear to me, that late August and early September are clearly a time for new beginnings – much more so than the traditional New Year’s Day.  But the new beginnings that I am talking about are not signaled by all night parties, and resolutions... I am talking about a time that comes complete with all the emotions that are associated with a new start – from anticipation and excitement to stress and anxiety.  Think back to each new job

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