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WSA Blog: Independent Living

Section 8 Housing

Section 8 vouchers make independent living affordable for individuals with Williams syndrome, but the waiting lists are often 10 or 15 years. If you have questions about applying for Section 8 House Choice Vouchers (HCV), call your local Public Housing Authority/Agency (PHA) for specific detailed information. Each PHA is unique in how they offer their programs. Section 8 HCV opportunities "open" for application and "close”. If you do NOT see your PHA listed in the link below, contact them directly and ask about their process. Ask if they foresee an opportunity to apply in the near future and if there is a way to be contacted when the application process is available.

Striving for Autonomy

Children with Williams syndrome have many similarities, but they are not all alike. If we lump them all together, or make assumptions about an individual with WS who we just met, based on an individual or 2 we may have met in the past, we will probably be doing our new friend an injustice. However, when it comes to education, a teacher’s knowledge of their similarities - especially in learning styles, will be extremely helpful.

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