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Virtual Education Resources

The use of smartphones, iPads and computers for education is growing, and the number of online curriculums, programs and games for students of all ages is growing too. An increased need to organize and understand all the offerings has become even more important now with schools being closed. 
With that challenge in mind, we have compiled educational resources and curriculum ideas for students in pre-K through grade 12, which have been curated by our education consultant for quality and ease of use. Resources are separated by topic and include everything from games for preschoolers to curriculums for academic subjects and transition resources.
The “parent resources” section includes resources explaining mandated service provisions for special circumstances such as the school closures due to COVID -19 as well as other information.
The “just for teachers” section includes the learning profile for students with WS and additional special resources. 
Please note that your sons and daughters with WS may still need accommodations such as word prediction, speech to text, and screen readers to complete some tasks – don’t hesitate to ask a question if you need help with accommodations. 
In addition to online resources there are “low-tech” resources that can help with task completion such as:
Magnetic letters
All the best to caregivers who are working with children at home! To access our webpage with all of these resources: