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Fundraising Volunteers

Fundraising Volunteers
To find out more about hosting a fundraiser or to request a Volunteer Fundraising Manual, please contact Jennifer O'Byrne, Volunteer & Event Coordinator at

Member-Sponsored Fundraising Events:
WSA members can help individuals with Williams syndrome in their area and throughout the country by holding fundraisers in support of the WSA. Typical events include:

  • Garage Sales, Bake Sales,In-home sales (Tupperware, jewelry, etc.)
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Cocktail Parties
  • Community Opportunities (see below)
  • Car Washes
  • Donation Letter Campaign (Send friends and family letters asking for their support)

Use your imagination! For more ideas, to request a Volunteer Fundraising Manual, or to share details of your planned event, please contact Jennifer O'Byrne, Volunteer & Event Coordinator at or (248) 244-2229.

Families across the country raised hundreds of thousands of dollars through a wide variety of events, including a 100-mile bike ride, homemade jam sales, a golf tournament, scrapbook parties, handbag sales, galas, marathons, Walkathons, raffles, dance-a-thons and so much more!

Be on the look out for "pre-designed" fundraising opportunities in your community.
Often these fundraisers will provide an opportunity for the WSA to generate donations from people in the community who may have no direct connection with Williams Syndrome, but rather with the business or organization involved.

Casual Day at your (or a friend's) office (Employees pay $$ to wear jeans to work)

Service clubs host fundraisers and designate a non-profit organization as the beneficiary. (ie, Kiwanis Club's "Peanut Day" fundraiser, or a Knights of Columbus pancake breakfast)

Some restaurants will donate a certain percentage of their profits on a given day or weekend to a designated non-profit organization.

Whatever you choose, please let the WSA national office know about your plans. We will be happy to help create and distribute any printed materials you need and be sure you have the correct resource materials as well as anything else you may need.

Thank you for your support!  Volunteers make a world of difference for the WSA.