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Volunteer Spotlight

  • Pictured from left: WSA Executive Director Terry Monkaba with Melissa and Jenny

Volunteer Spotlight: Melissa Murphy and Jenny Knox receive "Special Impact Volunteer" award


The Williams Syndrome Association is all about connections – we work hard to connect families to each other, and to the professionals who can help.  The ability to connect with each other for the emotional support we need throughout our journey with a child who has Williams syndrome is tremendously helpful.  However, those aren’t the only connections we need.  It’s also important for us to have the opportunity to connect with all types of professionals - medical, therapeutic, educational, research (for most of us there are too many to count) to help us find the answers about Williams syndrome that we are all searching for. 

None of us can personally make all the connections we need on our own – we need help.  That’s one of the reasons the WSA was established – to help us make the connections we will need throughout our child’s lifetime.  Just like you, the WSA office cannot make all the connections you need on our own.  And that is why we treasure our volunteers.  Without them we wouldn’t be able to hold the social events, fundraisers, conferences or national convention –without them our list of excellent professional resources would not continue to grow and improve as it does.  Many of our volunteers have a “niche” – a special social event they hold annually, a fundraiser they like to organize, or they are someone who loves research and surfing the net, so they keep a look out for great resources and pass along that information to us.  Thank you ALL for everything you do for the WSA and our member families!

In this new segment of the eNewsletter we will spotlight our amazing volunteers - special individuals who just keep finding more time for us, and more ways that they can assist.

Melissa Murphy and Jenny Knox are two volunteers who have made a huge impact on the WSA and local families in the Philadelphia area.  They are volunteers who always find a way to do more –helping local families get together; creating one of the WSA’s premier walks; helping on major fundraising event committees; opening doors to development opportunities for the WSA, regularly posting terrific resources for families, sharing personal and professional expertise on the WSA Board of Trustees and Board committees. 

The list goes on...but it’s not even the length of the list that is so remarkable, it’s that Jenny and Melissa are making time to do all of these things for the WSA in the midst of very busy lives, as career women and young Moms.  Jenny and Melissa, are incredible volunteers for the WSA, and it gives us great pleasure to recognize them as the WSA’s first recipients of our “Special Impact Volunteer” award and to thank them both for, as the special award states, “Leading with Their Heart” for the Williams Syndrome Association.