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WSA National Convention FAQ



  1. What is the National Convention?

    We all learn very quickly that the statement “It takes a village” takes on special meaning when you are parenting a child with special medical and learning challenges.  The National Convention helps us to create our personal “village”.  It provides a forum for learning, from experts on the topics that are most important to us in the fields of education, medicine, transition, housing, financial resources, and from other parents who have been there before us, and are walking the same path now.

    The Convention also provides an opportunity for parents to get a glimpse of what’s to come through the 300+ children and adults with WS who will be in attendance, and for the individuals themselves to spend time with each other – often developing friendships that will last a lifetime.

  2. Will I be missing something important if I don't attend?

    We (selfishly) think that everyone should attend, and wish we had the ability to make that a reality.  There is a great benefit to hearing speakers and getting questions answered “first hand”, and it’s wonderful to see the children, and speak to the adults with WS, as well as make connections with other great families.  But we know that it’s simply not possible for everyone to attend, so we make sure that there are Mp3 recordings available of all sessions, and place all “stand alone” power point presentations etc. on the website for review.

  3. Is there financial assistance to help us attend?

    Yes! The WSA will provide $60,000 in need-based scholarships to help families attend.  Learn more here.

  4. When does registration open?

    The Convention registration will open in January 2018.  You will find the link to register here once it opens.

  5. How much does it cost?

    You can find registration fees here.

  6. How can I volunteer?

    You can learn more about volunteering by contacting Jennifer O'Byrne at 248-244-2229 or