Adventure Seekers are adults with Williams syndrome, ages 21 and older who enjoy traveling and spending time with each other in a variety of destinations throughout the United States.

At least one trip of 4-5 days is organized by the WSA annually, and we vary the activity levels for individuals each year. Each trip combines sightseeing, networking, and skill building to create a mini-vacation that honors them as autonomous individuals and provides great fun for everyone!

Virtual Adventure Seekers

We recognize that due to the restrictions caused by COVID-19, adults were affected by the isolation and lack of social outlets: many of them temporarily lost employment, day program access, and their social lives. Regular virtual calls with WSA staff and volunteers have helped gain some of that back. Every other week, we meet to play games, discuss music and movies, share experiences, and laugh. They have gotten to know friends from around the country, and flourish in a stable virtual community.

Click on the button below to learn about our other virtual programs, to register an adult 18+ up for the virtual program, or to join the fun as a volunteer "Zoom host."