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Posted Aug 11, 2017, by lauriej1
Do you have a vision for your child with Williams syndrome?  Is it written down so you can refer to it, update it, and remember exactly why you are working so hard every day to overcome the obstacles in your child’s path?  Lisa and Ned Portune read all the things that their child... “probably wouldn’t do," and then set out to help Erin be the very best she could be.More about Unwavering Expectations
Posted Jun 20, 2017, by lauriej1
Thank you for a successful Williams syndrome awareness month! Click to read the thank you blog and view the special video that highlights the amazing types of awareness that happened all over the country. More about Thank you for a Wonderful Awareness Month!
Posted May 11, 2017, by lauriej1
We all want increased awareness for Williams syndrome.  But it is likely that for each of us, the importance of awareness varies.  Each of our children is AN INDIVIDUAL with Williams syndrome – that means that each of our journeys with WS is individual too.  If our children are medically fragile, research may be the driving force for awareness; if our children are struggling in school, awareness leading to better education may be paramount.  Similarly if our child is young and we are just embarking on our journey with Williams syndrome, our reasons for awareness maMore about Why is Awareness Month Important?
Posted May 01, 2017, by terrymonkaba
Last month, Jonathan Martinez, a 9 year old boy with Williams syndrome, was one of three victims of a senseless shooting in his special education classroom in San Bernardino, CA.   On that day, we grieved the loss of a member of our Williams syndrome family –a collective family that, in recent years, has grown in both size and emotional connection through social media.  In the face of such a terrible tragedy, we wondered again what the world was coming to and what might be next.  More about A Special Awareness Campaign
Posted Apr 20, 2017, by lauriej1
We all use technology every day to help us complete day to day tasks in an easier and more efficient manner.  Many of these same technology tools are beneficial for our family members with WS.  But how do you know which ones to use?  The WSA is here to help.  Technology is constantly changing and the “next new thing” is always out there, but this guide, compiled by our education consultant Robin Pegg, contains a listing of apps that have been tried and tested with individuals with WS.  They have been selected based on reliability, ease of use, access, and effectivenMore about Williams syndrome friendly apps