We know there are great things happening in the lives of our friends with Williams syndrome! Please share your stories with us, so we can share them with the world!


Every Wednesday, we feature a child or adult on Facebook and Instagram who has WS. It's our way to celebrate them and what makes them unique. It's one of our most popular segments and we love telling their stories!

If you'd like to submit information for consideration, please fill out and submit the details below.  If accepted, we will contact you with further details. Stories featuring WSA members with WS of all ages, cultures, and ethnic identities, from throughout the United States and abroad are perfect. Check out an example of a past #WilliamsWednesday story!

WSA Connection Stories

Please share with us a connection with the WSA or a way in which the WSA has helped your family. Here is an example of a previous connection story.


Employment and jobs training are a focus for our community and the WSA is committed to sharing job experiences and volunteer positions! We know that many of our adult friends with Williams syndrome are active in the working world with paid jobs or volunteering in meaningful positions and that they may work with local agencies and schools for skills and placement.   

For example, Devin currently works at a hardware store. After graduating high school and a program at the Mid-East Career and Technology Center in the AutoTech Program, he now works at Orme Hardware Cambridge. His duties include stocking shelves and cleaning rental equipment. He obtained employment with the help of the Guernsey County Board of DD and Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities—and was featured in a story about it. He enjoys working and the people he works with and customers, and says "I've learned to stay on task, work until my shift is over, and work hard. Cleaning equipment is more fun because I like being outside."

Please take a moment to share the experience of a working individual with Williams syndrome. These stories inspire others and offer us an opportunity to continue to highlight the great things adults with Williams syndrome are accomplishing. 


Families and caregivers are an invaluable resource and often provide unique advice for the Williams syndrome community. Every Tuesday, we try to share a tip on social media, some of which come from us, but many from you! Share your tips on education, nutrition, recreation and travel, behavior, hobbies, toys, books, and more that you’ve found to be beneficial to those with Williams syndrome. Longer tips may result in a blog post. Share your quick tip or detailed advice here.

Post-Secondary Program Stories

Many colleges are now offering specialized programs for those with disabilities with varying levels of degrees and certificates, and a growing number of young adults with Williams syndrome are attending. These programs often contain a mix of life skills, vocational training, and general education.

If you have a college student who is attending a program, please share your experiences about how the college was chosen, the curriculum it offers, and how the journey is going so far. Other parents and caregivers find these stories inspirational and educational, so it is our pleasure to share.