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Fulfilling Dreams - The WS Parent Handbook

The new, comprehensive version of the Williams Syndrome Association's handbook for parents.

A handbook for parents of children with Williams syndrome

By Barbara Scheiber

The newly published WSA handbook for parents of people with Williams syndrome contains 330 pages of down-to-earth advice and information - from those first worrisome days of infancy through the hopes and challenges of teen and adult years.

The ideas and suggestions for positive action described in this warmly written, comprehensive book are drawn from the life experiences of parents and children, and the shared knowledge of teachers, psychologists, physicians and outstanding researchers.

Topics covered include:

  • Typical physical, personality, and behavioral characteristics as well as medical needs of people with Williams syndrome
  • Issues that arise during infancy and early childhood, and tried-and-true approaches (and community resources) that can help
  • Capitalizing on unique strengths of children with Williams syndrome and coping with specific learning problems in developing educational programs
  • How to be a successful advocate for your child in school: knowing your rights and your child's rights under federal education law
  • Effective ways to build self-esteem and deal with fears, anxieties, hyperactivity, and other problems that may occur
  • Changes - physical, social, sexual, emotional - during adolescence
  • Working with your school to develop a "transition" program that prepares your child for work and independent living
  • Post-secondary education, finding a job, getting the supports your young adult needs to live independently as a productive, happy member of the community
  • Questions about guardianship and estate planning and sources of financial assistance
  • Five profiles of adults with Williams syndrome and their lives today

The book contains extensive references to other publications, resources, and organizations that parents can turn to for additional information in their areas of concern.

Available from the WSA national office for just $25.00.
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The book's author, Barbara Scheiber, is the mother of an adult son with Williams syndrome and a former member of the WSA Board of Trustees.