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September 2013

If you are going to have a child with a syndrome, Williams syndrome is the one to have...

Do you watch Family Feud?  It’s my son’s favorite show.  In true WS style he “sort of” remembers the exact questions that got the biggest laughs from Richard Dawson, or Richard Karn, John O'Hurley, or Steve Harvey, and delights in repeating them.  His favorite is “in what month does a woman’s pregnancy become apparent”?  The answer given by the contestant…. September!  For many years he had no idea why that was funny, but he was sure it would get a laugh so he repeated it often.

We recently posted a Family Feud type question on the WSA Facebook page – “If you had to describe the individual with Williams syndrome in your life with one word, what would that word be?”  In just a few hours more than 600 people responded – and NOT ONE answer indicated the “down-side” of Williams syndrome.  And that seems to me, to be the actuality of why parents and even professionals often say, “if you are going to have a child with a syndrome, Williams syndrome is the one to have”.  Is it so great that we should all be thankful that we had a child with Williams syndrome? I don’t think that any of us would go so far as to say that.  No one wishes to have a child that will have medical and educational challenges, no matter how great the “up side” might be.   But how fortunate is it for us and for our children that the “up side” of Williams syndrome goes such a long way toward balancing the struggles – that within a very short time of hearing those words and not being able to imagine how they could possibly be true, we often find they are.