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November 2013

We’re Making a Difference...

How many times have we sat around the kitchen table at a family gathering and listened to our elders tell us how much things have changed – they love to remind us that it wasn’t that long ago that candy bars were a quarter, gasoline was less than $1 per gallon and you could go to a Saturday Matinee for just a dollar or two?  It is not just the material things that have changed in price and quality over the years.  As the WSA becomes more involved in its Assistive Technology Pilot Project and other education initiatives, I have been struck by similar profound changes in education for students with special learning challenges.  I hope that this is music to the ears of many of you who have young children.

I take time at every opportunity to follow the social media posts made by parents.  Many of you have heard about various programs and educational strategies that are helping students with WS achieve new levels of success, but have not seen those programs in your school districts.  I hear your frustration as you ask for help and wonder “how” or “if” you will be able to make a difference for your child.  YOU WILL!