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Educational Support Program

One of the best things you can do for your child with Williams syndrome is learn all you can about the IEP process and how to secure the best options available to your child at every age and stage of their education. The educational support program is designed to help with the process.


OUR MISSION:  helping parents discover and learn about the resources and practices necessary to become effective advocates for their children.

THE PROCESS: there are two components of the program - training and coaching.  The training program can be used as a self-directed component which will provide you with webcast-based modules on the key components of the educational process for students with Williams syndrome.  Armed with the information in the components below many parents are able to navigate the education process for their child very effectively on their own.  Those who are not comfortable handling the process on their own may find that the training program, which provides more individualized assistance is a better option.  The training modules are also an integral part of the coaching process.  

  • Training - the program includes free training modules on a variety of topics.  (Check back often as links to new modules will be added over time).  Modules are 45 minute narrated presentations which include written handouts; resource articles, a comprehensive resource page with information on appropriate books and links to online resources, and form templates (if applicable).


*Please note that the modules are housed in Google Classroom, so you must use Google Chrome as your browser to access them. Google Chrome can be downloaded at no cost to users. 

Click on Title Below, "join" as a student and enter the code beside each title to Access Program Module. 


Creating a Vision for Your Child - vbl6ws3

Goal Writing - qkiih

Least Restrictive Environment - f2kenrs

     Accommodations and Modifications - 2q7h6z5            

Curriculum Access - v3yxoqx

Differentiation - r2uzdjn



  • ​Coaching - a fee-based program that will provide parents with an assessment of your child's current IEP and suggestions based on your personal vision for your child.  Trained mentors will provide the assessments and coach you in all aspects of the education process (utilizing the training modules), and provide information on available recourses such as facilitators, local advocates and mediation if needed.  The individualized portion of the coaching program contains four primary components - completion of an online questionnaire, a follow-up phone call, a complete file review (parents must be able to provide comprehensive paperwork in chronological order), and a follow-up phone call (with comprehensive written report).