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Williams Syndrome Awareness Month


May is Williams Syndrome Awareness Month!

Hello, WSA community. Following the advice of medical professionals and government officials about large-gatherings, we have cancelled in-person awareness events for April and May. We invite you all to join our community in virtual awareness events and activities and, if the time is right for your family, to include a call to action to help us support the critical programs of the WSA. Details for our awareness activities are listed below. Thank you for your continued support. 

Though we couldn't host walks in person, we will be doing one viritually this summer! Details coming soon. 

Awareness month activities

Week Four: Hug it Forward Challenge

Join us for our campaign and share some joy by hugging it out with close friends and family and sending them viritually!
Join the #HugForward challenge and help spread awareness for Williams syndrome! 
How? First, view and comment on the video!
Then, make your own hug posts and stories on Instagram and Facebook using GIFs and hashtags unique to this campaign: #hugforward and always #wsawareness. In those posts, give a shout out to three people to join the challenge with their own posts by tagging them.
Post ideas? Photos or short videos of you and your loved ones (and pets!) hugging work great! Wear your awareness gear too!
To use original GIFs, you must first download the GIPHY app to your phone. You can see the selection on our account here. Then, to find ours while posting, search for WSA, Williams syndrome, Williams Syndrome Association, WS awareness, Hugs, Hugging, Hug, Hug me, family, love, embrace, arms, cuddle, hug forward, #hugforward, hug it forward, spread the love, spread love, share love, love, thank you There is a great selection, so have fun!
Thank you to the creative team at MullenLowe U.S. for donating their talent and time to this campaign, including the creation of the video and GIFs to use! 
MullenLowe is working with us to gain some virtual attention and shares for awareness, so let's show the world how the WSA community rises to a challenge! We look forward to seeing the posts and stories!
 #hugforward  #wsawareness


Regional Days

The WSA has 19 regions across the country, and each region is going to have a dedicated special day to show who they are and why they are awesome. We'd like our community to share some video of your daughter or son with WS, or someone close to them sharing a fact about WS and what makes them special, like Isaiah does below! For information on our regions and to join the Facebook groups for your region, visit this page. We may even have some special guests take over our Instagram, so please follow us there as well.  @williamssyndrome  For the schedule and hashtags, click here.

Isaiah from Texas Spreads Awareness! from Williams Syndrome Association on Vimeo.

Share Videos

May is a great month to share videos! Find them on our Youtube channel. 

Facebook Frames

Created by our friend Jessica Connor of Outshine Labels, these are a nice way to spread awareness through your profile pics in May! 


She also created themed message images to use when you're posting about Williams syndrome throughout the month--they're a great enhancement to your stories! 

The whole series can be viewed and downloaded here


Awareness Items

You asked and we listened! WSA eStore is re-imagined and re-opened!  

We have received many questions about obtaining WSA gear for awareness month and in general now that we are all working remotely and our online store is closed. 
With the help of our good friend and WS Awareness gear provider David Marsden at Advanced Embroidery, you can now order WSA gear directly from him and he will drop-ship right to your home. Awareness shirts and lawn signs ordered by April 19, will ship no later than May 1st.  Orders placed by April 30th will ship no later than mid-May.  
Check out the link for Awareness shirts and signs, other apparel, “old favorites” and some brand new offerings!



Thousands of people join the Williams Syndrome Association every year to raise awareness for Williams syndrome, a genetic condition that remains virtually unknown to the general public, educators and many doctors. For some shareable information cards, click here.

If you'd like to make a donation in honor of awareness month, please click here

Looking for a fun awareness coloring project? Download the hands and heart logo to color here, and the "I Love Someone with Williams Syndrome" one here. Display in your windows!

Our logo cannot be used for commerical purposes with our permission.