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Together, We Can Do More

If you currently benefit, or have previously benefited, from the Williams Syndrome Association’s programs and services, join us for the largest in-person forum in the world, where families and professionals share expertise and groundbreaking information. The WSA is the only parent-led support group in the country dedicated to providing information, education, and resources to individuals with Williams Syndrome, their families, and the professionals who care for them. 
Our rare and tightknit community finds strength in numbers. Much of what we know about WS in 2019 comes as a direct result of not only advancing the pace of research, but also from insights and knowledge gained at WSA conventions over the past 35 years. It is critically important that we continue to bring together as many families and professionals as possible, to share information and resources. 
In order to provide the most comprehensive and current information to our members, the Williams Syndrome Association works diligently to convene professionals biennially to address the spectrum of challenges and gifts associated with Williams syndrome, unite families, and strengthen the WS community. 
The WSA aims to help all individuals with Williams syndrome achieve meaningful and full lives.
The Williams syndrome convention is the largest in-person forum, worldwide, to connect families to the specialists who can provide expertise and innovative solutions. The value of connecting individuals with WS, and facilitating support for their families, is immeasurable. As a community we share the journey of milestones met, IEP goals surpassed, surgery successes, and jobs landed. Together we share the trials, frustrations, medical and social challenges, frightening experiences, and struggles to find solutions. 
In just nine months, physicians, therapists, educators, and researchers, will meet individuals and families – both new and acquainted – during the WSA Convention in Phoenix, AZ, July 8-11, 2020. Built on the foundation of conventions that have come before, the feeling of belonging is palpable. At the convention, no one has to explain Williams syndrome, and the differences that come along with it.  
Words cannot describe the joy on the faces of children and adults reunited with friends. Families establish life-long bonds with one another, and parents and caregivers have the irreplaceable opportunity to meet the thought leaders who are solving the mysteries of Williams syndrome and sharing breakthrough research findings. 
While the experience is priceless, it comes at a cost, and WSA Convention registration fees cover just 40% of the expense of the convention. The difference in registration fees and actual cost for the convention has historically been funded through the WSA’s Annual Fund, and we are addressing the real need to secure funding from higher level sponsors as well. We are actively seeking partners to help the WSA deliver expert and first-rate information, and we are engaging our generous and loyal annual donors to increase their contributions. We are also appealing to all WSA members who are not yet donors to become donors, thus incrementally increasing WSA contributions that will directly support this crucial community platform. Together, we can do more. 
To ensure that the WSA is able to maintain robust mission support throughout the year, meeting the needs of our community from birth through adulthood, we are now looking to you – the Association’s membership - the grassroots foundation of the organization. You are our closest partners, and as such, we share in your darkest moments, and rejoice together with every triumph. 
As members of the WSA, you are core stakeholders in the organization, and it is our pleasure to share news of the vital efforts to increase overall financial support of programs, services, and the critical need to bring experts together, along with the individuals and families navigating the journey of life with Williams syndrome. As we enter into the season of philanthropy, you’ll notice WSA messaging promoting the convention and encouraging your participation. December 3rd you will be invited to show your support on Giving Tuesday, and you’ll be called to action to please include the WSA in your charitable giving plans at calendar year end. 
The WSA Convention is integral to providing information and connecting families. The outcomes from this shared experience benefit everyone with Williams syndrome, the professionals working to understand WS, and the advocates who work tirelessly to implement change and inclusion. 
If the resources, programs, and services, provided by the WSA have made a difference in your family’s journey, or has helped someone you know, I hope that you’ll show your support for this essential forum by making a gift to help bring together the next generation of knowledge, early interventions, and ultimately improved quality of life. 
It is a pleasure to serve this unique community. Thank you in advance for strengthening our network of families and professionals. 
You are incredibly important to our ability to advance our mission. 
--Kalyn Frame, Director of Development