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Posted Aug 23, 2019, by lauriej1
One mom realizes the power of letting her daughter be herself.  More about The First Day of School and Following a Child's Lead
Posted Jul 16, 2019, by lauriej1
Did you know that many funding sources are available for families who would like to attend educational conventions and conferences such as ours in Phoenix next year from July 8-11? Have you been wondering where/how to start? Now is the time to start planning! More about Thinking Ahead to Phoenix 2020
Posted Jul 03, 2019, by lauriej1
In 1983, no one really knew how big the WSA might become, or the range of support that the organization could, and would, provide to families. They only knew they wanted to help in every way possible.  Read how awareness month has changed everything!   More about July Blog: Awareness--Simply Life-Changing!
Posted May 01, 2019, by lauriej1
Increased knowledge of Williams syndrome is a year-round priority for the WSA.  Our vision is that all individuals with Williams syndrome will have the support they need throughout their lifespan to live healthy, self-directed, productive and fulfilling lives, and that is a tall order. That’s why each year during the month of May, we ask that everyone in our community joins us in a special effort to increase awareness in your communities.  More about Awareness Month 2019: A Message from Terry Monkaba
Posted Apr 29, 2019, by lauriej1
Team WSA's awareness month involvement in the Long Island Festival of Races has inspired a young athlete (and his mother!) to run and grow over the years.  Melinda Dolinsky got involved because of her son Steven, who has WS; son Andrew, now a 14 year old, got involved to honor his older brother.  This is their seventh year, and both look forward to it every year. This year, Andrew is finally old enough to run the 10K! Their brotherly bond and the inspiration of racing is quite the story—from Andrew’s first race to now training in triathlon! More about Long Island Festival of Races "Team WSA" Inspires a Brother/Athlete